Friday, July 5, 2024


When I moved to Brandon on June 10, 2023, I brought William, my cat, with me. He was so agitated that he kept running around the house for hours and jumped on my bed periodically, waking me up. I was extremely fatigued at that point and eventually let him out. He immediately ran into the woods and had not been seen since. No one saw him locally. Apparently, he returned to his former home in Middlebury, about fifteen miles away. However, although the new owner of the house had been alerted and saw him several months ago, she wasn't sure that it was William and did not contact me until June 28, 2024. It sounds as if he had returned there by last winter. From the photograph, which was taken from the back of the Middlebury house, he appears to be functional, but has lost several pounds and may be frail at this point. There is now an active watch for him in that Middlebury neighborhood, and I am hoping that he can be found soon. Since my new house is now in an orderly state, it would be much easier to help William adjust to a new environment.

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