Monday, June 19, 2023


This is a short post, because I am typing it in my car. The purchase of my new house in Brandon, Vermont was completed on May 31, and I began moving into it on June 2. My daughter and her husband helped with large items on June 10. Currently, I have unpacked everything and am still organizing. The house is more than adequate for my needs, and the neighbors are friendly.

Because of time constraints and fatigue, I didn't follow protocol for moving cats. William was extremely agitated while we were loading the van in Middlebury and hid outside. After everyone else had left, I got him and took him to Brandon in the afternoon. He remained agitated and ran around the house for hours, occasionally jumping on my bed and waking me up. At about 2:00 A.M. on June 11, I let him out, and he immediately ran into the woods, looking back at me when I called him. He has not been seen since. I don't know whether he has survived or not, but as time passes, the odds decrease. Certainly, he can catch food, but there are many predators out there. Even if he is still alive, he may be unable to find his way back here or to Middlebury. He was too wild to be a regular house pet, and, although I will miss him if he never returns, it may be just as well.

I won't have internet service at the house until June 25, but every day I go to the Brandon library for free WiFi. When it is closed, I park outside. At the house, the cellular signal is adequate for email and other functions, but extremely cumbersome for me.

I will be going on my first date on June 26 and am looking forward to it.

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